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Estudios de Economía Aplicada, is an international scientific review, which publishes articles in English and Spanish covering the broad field of applied economics. Its basic objective is to contribute to the advance and development of our area of expertise, as a meeting place of different methodological traditions in the field of Economic Science which share the concern for understanding the real problems and for finding solutions for them, strengthening a common language and exchanging methods, results and knowledge.

In line with this strategic objective we aim to achieve a high level of scientific quality, without depreciating the clarity of expression, helping to develop a comprehensive communication between the different lines of expertise existing within Applied Economics, facilitating the dialogue and reciprocal understanding.

We seek quality assurance through:

  • A comprehensive editorial board with participation of over thirty universities and other research centers, national, European, North American and Latin American.
  • A selection of articles through the usual procedure implemented in major international journals: double blind evaluation procedure.

In order to achieve a widespread diffusion of ideas:

  • We request associate editors, referees and authors to pay special attention to the clarity of expression in communicating the results of their work to the scientific community members belonging to different methodological traditions within the field of Applied Economics.
  • We group articles on monographs of relevant topics that could be raised through different approaches.
  • We include surveys of topics of special relevance.
  • We complement the printed edition with an electronic edition that provides a fast and flexible access to different members of the scientific community. Estudios de Economía Aplicada is not an Open Access journal. The published articles have a 2-years embargo period, except for subscribers.
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