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  • Volumen 36-1 (January 2018): “Future Challenges in Applied Economics”  (Guest Editors: José María Moreno Jiménez (University of Zaragoza) and José María Montero Lorenzo (University of Castilla-La Mancha)).

    This Special Issue (SI) entitled “Future Challenges in Applied Economics”, commemorates the 25th Anniversary of Estudios de Economía Aplicada (Applied Economic Studies), the official journal of “Asepelt. International Association of Applied Economics”.
    To mark this important occasion, we have decided to include a set of short papers (6-8 pages) related to future challenges that will be faced by Applied Economics. The papers will be written by some of the academics who collaborated in the first issue of the journal (April 1993), members of the Executive Council of the Association and a group of invited international experts with particular prestige in their respective research fields.
    The short papers will briefly analyse the current situation with regards to the issue in question and then enumerate some of the future challenges in the field. The main aim of this SI is the identification of a set of research lines that will help young scholars and practitioners in their learning and development. .

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