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Within the strategy of the Editorial Board of Estudios de Economía Aplicada the following actions are considered:

Institutions Network: Red OPEN-EEA Network
Access to all products using the IP address range of the members of each institution (in the case of University accessibility to teachers and students). Includes a single copy of the printed version. Special rate: 520 euros. For educational institutions, 50% discount.
Exchange Agreement Journals Network
Under similar conditions, exchange agreements will be established with other Spanish journals or other countries so that subscribers have free access to the full electronic version.
Monograph issues
Special conditions will be studied for institutions that wish to disseminate or sponsor a special monograph issue.
E-mail address: direccion@revista-eea.net
Institutional Support Group of Estudios de Economia Aplicada
Estudios de Economia Aplicada supports and encourages collaboration with institutions which propose special editorial actions such as:
  1. Multiple subscriptions
  2. Sponsorship of special issues
  3. Financial contribution
  4. Special Promotion (broad flexibilityfor collaboration)
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